Bay Industrial Group specializes in solving the complex problems faced by manufacturing industries of today. They offer a wide variety of state of the art manufacturing solutions including:

  • Conveying Systems

  • Welding and Fabrication

  • Mezzanines and Platforms

  • Overhead Equipment

  • Automation Systems

One of the single most important pieces of equipment in many industrial manufacturing facilities is the conveying system. For these facilities any problem with the design or functionality of their conveyor system can cause a major issue with their productivity. Efficiency is absolutely crucial when it comes to this type of machinery. Bay Industrial Group understands this and works with your business to design and integrate a conveying system that provides the superb efficiency that you desire.

When it comes to industrial machinery, there are many different configuration and build-out options. Many of these options require welding and industrial fabrication. Bay Industrial Group works with you to locate the problem and find the best possible solution. Then they put their expert welders and fabricators to work to make it a reality.

Whenever there is a need for industrial workers to access the area above conveyance systems or other manufacturing or industrial operations, industrial mezzanines and industrial platforms should be used. Bay Industrial Group provides a wide variety of prefabricated platforms and custom mezzanines to suite all kinds of industrial needs. Options include:

  • Single Entry Platforms

  • Double Sided Entry Platforms

  • Adjustable Height Steel Platforms

  • Industrial Cross Overs

  • Custom Mezzanines built to meet any requirement

Sometimes there just isn’t enough room for a conveyor system, or your business must deal with extremely heavy or awkward loads. Bay Industrial Group can design your business an overhead system to meet your individual needs. They have helped numerous industries with their custom overhead solutions. Bay Industrial Group’s light duty overhead cranes have resolved many issues in a variety of different applications.

Industrial automation systems are at the center of many industrial operations. They can save you time, money and produce higher levels of customer satisfaction. Bay Industrial Group’s expert staff has experience with all aspects of industrial automation including automation systems, automation engineering, machine automation, workflow automation and industrial robotics. Bay Industrial Group helps you from concept to full automation production.

Bay Industrial Group of Baltimore, Maryland provides industrial and manufacturing facilities with state of the art manufacturing solutions for a variety of different manufacturing challenges. For more information please contact Bay Industrial Group today.