Custom manufacturing solutions can be expensive.  Often, they are necessary to get your processes working properly.

What can you do about this?

First, you need to go to the people who understand the complex needs of a variety of different manufacturing and production industries.

Here at Bay Industrial Group, we know that most businesses cannot get by with a cookie cutter solution. This is why we work directly with our customers to create not only manufacturing equipment but rather manufacturing solutions to complex manufacturing challenges.

You need a unique solution but one that uses proven engineering.

Typically we’ll incorporate standard designed equipment into our customer’s project in order to provide them with their own unique solution.

By utilizing proven technology whenever possible, we provide reliable and effective systems in a much shorter period of time. This unique and cost effective custom-designed approach can be utilized in a variety of different applications like floor conveyors and overhead equipment, for example.

Types of pre-engineered customizations.

For a typical design, we use specialized tooling to transform all types of manufacturing and production concerns into reliable and proven manufacturing solutions. Examples of these unique solutions include:

  • Belt conveyors and slat conveyors with attached custom tooling and/or fixtures
  • Monorail conveyor supporting and indexing assembly tools with custom electrification for ergonomic assembly stations
  • Electric chain hoist supporting custom fixtures to allow for infinite height adjustment
  • Simple pneumatic lifts supporting conveyor sections in order to accept and position weld fixtures, allowing the operator to access hard to reach areas
  • Tandem driven screw jacks used to evenly press and/or form long material
  • Light duty crane rails used as guide rails for either vertical or horizontal motions, such as in walking beams and vertical lifting equipment

Some of the distributor products and pre-engineered equipment offered by Bay Industrial Group include:

  • Conveyors
  • Work Stations/Rail Systems/Balancers
  • Custom Conveyors by Bay Industrial Group
  • Custom Equipment by Bay Industrial Group
  • Hoists
  • Ladders/Platforms
  • Lift Tables/Stackers/Dock Equipment
  • Racks and Shelving
  • Work Stations/Tables/Carts
  • Storage Systems/Storage Bins
  • Castors

Our process for designing and implementing a solution for manufacturing and production challenges is comprehensive and highly effective.

How we can help you…

We work directly with their customers from the concept design all the way to the just-in-time manufacturing. Our highly experienced staff and fully equipped manufacturing facility allows them to create prototypes of all concepts and fully test and de-bug them before presenting them to their customers for approval. This greatly reduces downtime and disruptions to the customer’s manufacturing process. This unique approach lowers costs, increases productivity, improves quality control and provides customers with a much better return on their investment.