When it comes to industrial machines, there are several different configurations as well as build-out options possible. Many of these alterations require welding or fabrication. Most manufacturing companies cannot get by with a simple cookie cutter solution. Bay Industrial Group understands these challenges and work directly with their customers to identify the specific problem define a solution and put their experienced welders and fabricators to work on a truly unique solution.

Bay Industrial Group specializes in creating solutions to complex manufacturing challenges. Their highly trained team of expert project managers, fabricators and automation designers work closely together in order to create the perfect solution for many different industrial enterprises.

Bay Industrial Group understands that an industrial or manufacturing facility is only as good as the components that make it function such as the machines, the processes and the people that make them work. When manufacturing machinery is not functioning properly, time and money can be lost. That is where Bay Industrial Group can help. They create custom made solutions to help manufacturers overcome even the toughest manufacturing challenges.

Bay Industrial Group’s experienced designers and fabricators have over twenty years of experience designing and implementing manufacturing processes. They also create workflows and machines that have the ability to make a manufacturing business much more efficient and more successful. Once a solution has been created, all of the machinery and components are fully tested and de-bugged before being presented to the customer. This superb attention to detail ensures that Bay Industrial Group’s customized solutions work right and make operations as efficient as possible with the least amount of downtime possible.

Bay Industrial Group has experience with:

  • Custom design and manufacturing of industrial tools and equipment
  • Fully integrated systems
  • Engineering and process development to meet a wide variety of customer needs
  • Indexing work stations for final and sub-assemblies
  • Assembly and packaging lines
  • Automatic palletizing and de-palletizing stations
  • Hard automation
  • Material handling equipment and systems
  • Ergonomic solutions
  • UL panel shop including engineering and assembly
  • Lifting, positioning and placing loads for all industries
  • Custom tooling and fixtures
  • Custom built carts and dolleys
  • Conveying systems
  • Work station cranes and vertical stackers
  • Overhead fall protection
  • Ergonomic work platforms
  • Structural mezzanines
  • Test equipment and prototypes
  • Build-to-print fabrication
  • Reverse engineering and documentation of existing equipment

For information on how Bay Industrial Group can help your company with its complex manufacturing challenges or welding and fabrication project, please contact Bay Industrial Group today.