Manufacturers face a wide range of problems on a daily basis. Therefore it is extremely important that the equipment that they use every single day is running as efficiently as possible. After all, a manufacturing facility is only as good as the components that make it function. This includes the machines, the processes and the people that make them work together. When any of these components are not working efficiently, the manufacturing business will lose both time and money.

Bay Industrial Group has extensive experience creating solutions to solve a wide variety of manufacturing problems. They create custom built solutions that help manufacturing businesses in all industries run smoother and more efficiently. The experienced staff and fully equipped manufacturing facility at Bay Industrial Group allows them to prototype concepts and fully test and de-bug solutions prior to presenting them to their customers. This extra effort ensures that the customer’s manufacturing facility experiences very little downtime or disruptions in their manufacturing process. This unique approach helps to lower costs, increase productivity, improve quality control and provide Bay Industrial Group’s customers with a much better return on their investment.

By adding pre-engineered equipment to their customer’s individual projects, Bay Industrial Group is able to utilize proven technology and create reliable solutions to meet any manufacturing need. Distributor products and pre-engineered equipment can be added to conveyors, cranes, work stations, platforms, castors and much, much more.

Bay Industrial Group carries a wide variety of distributor products and pre-engineered equipment including:

Conveyor Systems

  • ACSI
  • Richards-Wilcox
  • Gregory Adams
  • Rapid Industries

Work Station/Rail Systems/Balancers

  • Knight
  • Stanley Cobotics
  • Unified
  • Spanco

Custom Conveyors by Bay Industrial Group

  • Drag Chain
  • Slat Conveyors
  • Mattop
  • Tabe Top
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Roller (Light/Medium/Heavy)

Custom Equipment by Bay Industrial Group

  • Vertical Accumulators
  • Laners/Diverters
  • Tray Stackers
  • Pallet Stackers and De-Stackers
  • Pick & Place
  • Chain Transfers
  • Turntables
  • Manipulators


  • Demag
  • Harrington
  • CM

Ladders and Platforms

  • Ballymore
  • Custom Work Platforms, Stairs, Ladders and Handrails by Bay Industrial Group
  • Custom Mezzanines by Bay Industrial Group

Lift Tables/stackers/Dock Equipment

  • Knight
  • ECOA
  • Presto
  • Wesco
  • Vestil

Racks & Shelving

  • Bulldog
  • Nashville Wire
  • Unex
  • Lyon
  • Mallard
  • Scotland
  • Modern Equipment Co. (MECO)

Work Stations/Tables/Shelving/Carts

  • Proline
  • Parent
  • Purcel
  • Tennsco
  • Little Giant
  • Justrite
  • Durham

Storage Systems/Storage Bins

  • Molded Fiberglass Tray Company
  • Quantum Storage Systems
  • Akro Mills Lewis Bins


  • Colson
  • Hamilton
  • Fairbanks

For more information on Bay Industrial Group’s distributors, or for information on their unique custom built solutions, please contact them today.