Baltimore, MD (PRWEB)

Bay Industrial Group announced this week the launch of their website’s new product information portal. The product information portal will provide their clients with valuable information about the different products offered by Bay Industrial Group.

“We are very pleased by our new product information portal,” said Jim Brown, owner of Bay Industrial group. “We feel that the portal does an excellent job providing our clients with additional information about our products, services and capabilities.” The new product information portal is user friendly and provides visitors to their website with a wealth of information about several of the products offered by Bay Industrial Group.

Bay Industrial Group specializes in the creation and implementation of practical solutions to solve a variety of different manufacturing problems. Bay Industrial Group works directly with industrial manufacturing businesses to help them locate specific problems within their manufacturing process. Once a problem has been identified, Bay Industrial Group’s designers can custom build a unique solution to fix the individual problem. The experienced staff at Bay Industrial Group then fully tests and de-bugs the solution before it is even presented to the customer for approval. By taking this off-line approach, Bay Industrial Group is able to minimize downtime and disruptions to the customer’s manufacturing process. Bay Industrial Group’s expert designers, project managers and engineers have over twenty years of experience working with a variety of different industries.

Bay Industrial Group’s fully-equipped, 22,000 square foot facility in Baltimore, Maryland provides the perfect environment for designing, building and testing solutions. Bay Industrial Group offers a variety of different services including custom design, welding and fabrication and industrial automation. Bay Industrial Group provides custom built light duty overhead cranes, conveying systems as well as platforms and mezzanines. In addition, Bay Industrial Group utilizes a number of different distributor products in order to add value to pre-engineered equipment. This unique approach of utilizing proven technology allows Bay Industrial Group to provide unique, custom built, reliable solutions in a much shorter timeframe.

Bay Industrial Group understands that a manufacturing business is only as good as the individual components that make it function. When processes and machines don’t work properly, manufacturing costs go up and valuable time is lost. Benefits of using Bay Industrial Group include increased productivity, lower overall manufacturing costs, streamlined processes with less handling, faster line changes, reduction in accidents, improved workforce retention, improved quality control and more satisfied customers.

About Bay Industrial Group
Bay Industrial Group specializes in solving the complex challenges faced by the industrial manufacturing businesses of today. Whether custom designed by their experienced designers or built to print, Bay Industrial Group works directly with their customers through the entire process, from concept design to completion. For more information about Bay Industrial Group and to explore their new product information portal, please visit their website at