About Us

100_0146The Project Managers, Engineers and Designers of Bay Industrial Group own decades of experience. Our core concept development team has worked together for over twenty years fostering an efficient and innovative atmosphere.

Bay Industrial’s experienced shop staff and fully-equipped manufacturing facility allows us to prototype concepts and test solutions prior to presenting them to the customer. All solutions are fully de-bugged and presented for customer approval before delivery and installation. This “Off Line” effort performed in our facility minimizes downtime and disruptions to the customer’s manufacturing process. The result of this approach is lower cost, increased productivity, improved quality control, and efficient processes, all providing our customers a better return on their investment.

Increase Productivity – Save Time & Money

By working with Bay Industrial Group you’ll realize all kinds of benefits.  Our processes and delivered solutions are designed to help your business become more successful.  Here are just some of the ways Bay Industrial can help:

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower overall manufacturing costs
  • Streamlined process with less handling
  • Faster line changes
  • Reduction in material waste and packing materials
  • Reduction in “Lost Time” accidents
  • Improved workforce retention
  • Better quality control
  • More satisfied customers

From concept design to just-in-time manufacturing, whether build-to-print or custom designed by our engineers, we combine fresh creative thinking with realistic and practical solutions. Welcome to Bay Industrial Group, Inc. – We look forward to hearing from you.