Distributor Products

While Bay Industrial Group represents a wide range of distributor products, we are far more than a “Me Too” company. Bay Industrial Group will often incorporate standard designed equipment into our customer’s project providing them their own very specific solution. Utilizing proven technology when available allows Bay Industrial Group to provide reliable systems in less time that simply is not available in any catalog.

This custom designed approach of adding value to pre-engineered equipment can range from floor conveyors, to overhead equipment, to specialized tooling transforming all types of manufacturing or production concerns into reliable solutions. Examples of such solutions made available on this site include the following:

Belt conveyors and slat conveyors with attached custom tooling and/or fixtures.
Monorail conveyor supporting and indexing assembly tools with custom electrification for ergonomic assembly stations.
Electric chain hoist supporting custom fixtures to allow infinite height adjustment.
Simple pneumatic lifts supporting conveyor sections to accept and position weld fixtures allowing the operator to access hard to reach areas.
Tandem driven screw jacks used to evenly press and/or form long material.
Light duty crane rails used as guide rails for either vertical or horizontal motions such as walking beams and vertical lifting equipment.

The following is a sample of our Distributor Products and Pre-Engineered Equipment:

  • Conveyor
    • ACSI
    • Richards-Wilcox
    • Gregory Adams
    • Rapid Industries
  • Work Station/Rail Systems/Balancers
    • Knight
    • Stanley Cobotics
    • Unified
    • Spanco
  • Custom Conveyors by Bay Industrial
    • Drag Chain
    • Slat Conveyors
    • Mattop
    • Table Top
    • Belt Conveyors
    • Roller (Light/Medium/Heavy)
  • Custom Equipment by Bay Industrial
    • Vertical Accumulators
    • Laners/Diverters
    • Tray Stackers
    • Pallet Stackers and Destackers
    • Pick & Place
    • Chain Transfers
    • Turntables
    • Manipulators
  • Hoists
    • Demag
    • Harrington
    • CM
  • Ladders/Platforms
    • Ballymore
    • Custom Work Platforms, Stairs, Ladders, & Handrail by Bay Ind. Group
    • Custom Mezzanines by Bay Ind. Group
  • Lift Tables/Stackers/Dock Equipment
    • Knight
    • ECOA
    • Presto
    • Wesco
    • Vestil
  • Rack & Shelving
    • Bulldog
    • Nashville Wire
    • Unex
    • Lyon
    • Mallard
    • Scotland
    • Modern Equipment Co. (MECO)
  • Work Stations/Tables/Shelving/Carts
    • Proline
    • Parent
    • Purcel
    • Tennsco
    • Little Giant
    • Justrite (safety cabinets)
    • Durham
  • Storage Systems/Storage Bins

    • Molded Fiberglass Tray Company
    • Quantum Storage Systems
    • Akro Mils Lewis Bins
  • Casters
    • Colson
    • Hamilton
    • Fairbanks