Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial ManufacturingBay Industrial Group specializes in solving the complex problems faced by Industrial Manufacturing industries.  With so many moving parts, there is always a process or operation that can be improved or made to be more efficient.  This is where Bay Industrial Group shines.  When you engage us for help on a manufacturing job, our designers work with you every step of the way.

Industrial Manufacturing Process

First, we create a process that works.  With expert help, you’ll design not only the processes but the equipment that will enable you to reach your goals.  Then we construct the mechanism that will be put into production.  After a full battery of quality assurance tests, we move the new system into production.


Our Engineering Staff

Our Industrial Manufacturing Project Managers, Engineers and Designers have decades of experience. Our core development team has worked together for over twenty years fostering an efficient and innovative atmosphere.

Bay Industrial’s experienced staff and fully-equipped manufacturing facility allows us to prototype concepts and test solutions prior to presenting them to the customer. All Industrial Manufacturing solutions are fully de-bugged and presented for customer approval before delivery and installation. This “Off Line” effort performed in our facility minimizes downtime and disruptions to the customer’s manufacturing process. The result of this approach is lower cost, increased productivity, improved quality control, and efficient processes, all providing our customers a better return on their investment.