Platforms & Mezzanines

Platforms & Mezzanines

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Platforms & Mezzanines should be used whenever there is a need for workers to access areas above conveyance systems or other manufacturing or industrial operations.  Bay Industrial Group provides many varieties of prefabricated Platforms & Mezzanines to suite most any industrial need.  There are many options to choose from:

Single Entry Platforms – with access from one side, these make inexpensive and safe platforms to use in a wide variety of situations.

Double Sided Entry Platforms – When access to an area is needed from both sides, these platforms are perfect.  Stability and safety are the highlights of these platforms.

Adjustable Height Steel Platforms – There may be occasions when a stable and safe steel platform is needed, but where some versatility is also desired.  Variable height platforms are the perfect solution.

Industrial Cross Over Platforms – Where a more permanent platform is needed to cross over industrial processes, this is the solution.

Custom Mezzanines – Bay Industrial Group can spec out and build custom Platforms & Mezzanines to meet any requirement.

Benefits of Utilizing Bay Industrial For Custom Platforms & Mezzanines:

  • Improved Work Environment
  • Streamlined process with less handling
  • Tooling Design improvements for faster line changes
  • Improved Production Control
  • Just-in-Time Manufacturing and Inventory Control
  • Reduction in material waste and packing materials
  • Lower overall manufacturing costs
  • Greener production environment
  • Quality control
  • Efficiency (faster turn-around from concept to implementation)
  • More satisfied customers meaning an improved brand image
  • Non-disruptive Solution Design and Implementation
  • Increased productivity