Table Top Conveyors

tableconvey1Often utilized in manufacturing and processing applications, table top conveyors can be found in many industries such as beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, consumables and food. Our fully adaptable table top conveyors are built for a variety of needs.  Whether you require clean room conditions, fast pace operations or heavy duty shop environments, we design for a variety of applications and processing requirements including product filling, weighing, labeling and production inspection.

With a comprehensive collection of chain styles and materials to fit your exact application Bay Industrial ensures your conveyor is equipped appropriately. Our designs can transport any size bottles, packages, parts and boxes in applications which require several curves and height changes. Our custom modular designs allow most conveyor components to plug and play for simple installation and cost effective layout changes.




·         Heavy Duty Construction
·         Modular Design
·         Completely Assembled Prior to Shipment
·         Frames
·         Wearstrips
·         Rail Brackets
·         Rails
·         Motors
·         Guards

Industry Familiarity:
·         Personal Care Products
·         Beverage
·         Box Making
·         Baked Goods
·         Pharmaceutical
·         Food
·         Produce
·         Heavy Machinery
·         Tobacco

·         Tray Handling
·         Bottle Conveyor
·         Accumulation Tables
·         Bulk Handling
·         Filling
·         Taping and Labeling

Specialty Areas:
·         Electrical Controls
·         Servo Laners
·         Pneumatic Diverters
·         Denesters
·         Pick and Place
·         Flap Openers
·         90° High Speed Tray Transfer
·         Robotics
·         Vision Inspection

The level of complexity that goes into designing the perfect custom table top conveyor system for your business requires an experienced engineering team. Our expert engineers can find the best solution for you from creating a unique layout and design, to selecting a standard table top conveyor. Contact Bay Industrial today for all your table top conveyor needs.