Drag Chain Conveyor Systems

chainDrag chain conveyors can be the perfect solution for many material handling operations.  At the heart of any industrial process is moving materials from one place to another.  It is how the material is moved that begins one of the great challenges.  The Bay Industrial team has designed and constructed many chain conveying solutions for a wide variety of clients.  Our process is tried and true and our designs are second to none.

In addition to drag chain conveyance systems, Bay Industrial Group and design and fabricate any number of solutions, depending on the client need.  Often times, our clients will launch a system and experience growth, which requires not only adding to an existing system, but often developing new systems to work in conjunction with it.  It all begins with the design process…

Conveying System Design Process

When a client comes to Bay Industrial Group for a drag chain conveyor, the first step is understanding the client need, so that we can design a mechanism that will efficiently operate to meet the organizational goals.  Your design team is critical here!  Our experts  will work with you to identify the critical needs and challenges you face.  When your conveying system comes online, you’ll be sure that it will work as intended.  Of course, our engineering team is always there for you as your needs change or your manufacturing facility grows.

Drag Chain Conveyor Systems

A Drag Chain Conveyance is typically used with precipitators, hoppers or any time you need to pull material.  There are many types of conveyors, from slat conveyors to belt conveyors, so you’ll need to make sure that you have the right system for your need.    Remember, it is not always a “point A to point B” operation.  Many times, our clients will require many inlets or sources and similarly, the discharge may not be at a single point.  Elevation changes in the drag chain conveying system are also a key consideration.  When uses get complex, you must have a team like Bay Industrial to help you design the system.

Although the conveying system can be complex, a drag chain conveying system is at its core a simple process.  The conveyor uses cross ribs which carry materials across any area, even vertically.  Because of their construction, drag chain conveyors are among the easiest systems to maintain and repair, should the need arise.

Bringing Your Drag Chain Conveyor Into Production

The Bay Industrial Group process paves the way for a smooth process, from design, to testing, to bringing the conveyance online.  Often times, you will find part of a solution, but no way to bring it al together.  Bay Industrial works to drive an end to end solution.

If you need a drag conveyor system, you need to call Bay Industrial Group today.