Slat Conveyor Systems

slatconvey1Slat Conveyors are the ideal solution for assembly line or industrial production processes. Often used when a flat surface is needed for carrying, slat conveyors can be used for transporting, assembling, or conveying parts. Bay Industrial Group custom designs these solutions for heavy duty processes and handling a variety of products.

Designed to handle heavy and awkward shaped projects, slat conveyors can be completely customized to fit your industrial needs. Used mostly for assembly lines such as automobile projects, these systems simplify manufacturing processes and increase efficiency.

Custom Slat Conveyors

Conveyors built this way can be used to transport hot and oily materials where rubber or canvas belts cannot. Slat conveyors are often made of other materials such as wood or steel. With Bay Industrial Group’s custom industrial solutions, the type of slats included can be customized to best fit the product being conveyed. Conveyor slats are attached to chains which glide on rails, providing strong tracking and efficiency. Available in any size or width, slats can have custom fixtures attached and be built into the floor or onto a raised platform.

slatcomvey2Slat conveyors can handle a multitude of products and carry a system through the complete manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished products. Known to last a long time and need little maintenance, slat conveyors are a simple and beneficial addition to your company’s industrial manufacturing processes. Bay Industrial Group designs all types of conveying systems, including drag chain conveyors and slat conveyors.

Our expert team will work with your company to design a solution that works best for your manufacturing needs. From assessing your needs, to design, and system integration, Bay Industrial Group will deliver an efficient solution to optimize productivity.